Chic and Sustainable: Key Carpet Trends for 2024-25

Posted May 24, 2024

As we find ourselves approaching the colder months once more, the comfort and warmth provided by carpets become increasingly indispensable in our homes. From playing with children on the living room floor to stepping out of bed on a frosty morning, carpets offer a sense of cosiness that is hard to replicate. 

With the ever-changing trends in home decor, it's crucial to choose carpets that not only align with current styles but also stand the test of time in terms of quality and design.

Here’s our guide to the top carpet trends in 2024-25.

Embracing Natural Fibres: The Wool Carpet Movement

The return to natural fibres, led by the wool carpet movement, is more than a trend—it's a commitment to sustainability and comfort. New Zealand’s government mandate for wool carpets in all government buildings underscores this movement's importance. Wool carpets are not only sustainable but also luxurious, offering unparalleled softness and warmth. Perfect for those precious moments—whether it’s children playing on the floor or relaxing by the fire—wool carpets provide a safe, chemical-free environment.

Axminster Carpets: Woven Elegance

Axminster carpets, known for their intricate designs and durable weave, are making a significant comeback. Ideal for creating a statement in living rooms or bedrooms, these carpets blend tradition with modernity. Their robustness makes them a wise investment for homes seeking both style and longevity. Axminster’s patterns and colours can seamlessly integrate with the aesthetic of high-end homes in the South Island, providing both luxury and a homely feel.

Sustainable Choices: Eco-Friendly Carpets

Sustainability is more than a buzzword; it’s a lifestyle choice that’s influencing carpet trends. Eco-friendly carpets, made from recycled materials or sustainable practices, are in high demand. These carpets not only reduce environmental impact but also offer modern and stylish designs that cater to the discerning homeowner. By choosing sustainable carpet options, residents contribute to a healthier planet while enjoying softness and warmth underfoot.

Colour and Texture: Creating Harmony and Space

The right colour and texture can transform a room, making it appear larger and more cohesive. Earthy tones and soft, neutral palettes are on-trend, complementing the natural beauty of the South Island. Textured carpets, such as loop piles or cut and loop, add depth and interest, making spaces feel warm and inviting. Opting for colours that flow from room to room enhances the sense of space, creating a seamless transition throughout the home.

Balancing Trends with Timelessness

While embracing trends, it's vital to balance them with timeless choices. The beauty of a well-chosen carpet lies in its ability to stand the test of time. Homeowners are encouraged to select designs that reflect their personal style yet remain adaptable to future changes in decor. A neutral base with the option to accentuate with colourful rugs or accessories allows for flexibility and longevity.

Tips for Choosing Your Carpet

When selecting the perfect carpet for your home, consider these practical tips to ensure you make a choice that's not only stylish but also functional and sustainable:

Understand Your Space

  • Assess Usage: High-traffic areas require durable carpets, such as tightly woven or low-pile options, to withstand wear.

  • Room Purpose: Soft, plush carpets enhance bedrooms and living areas where comfort is a priority, while stain-resistant carpets are ideal for dining rooms or children's play areas.

Choose the Right Material

  • Wool: For warmth, sustainability, and luxury, wool is unparalleled. It's durable, naturally stain-resistant, and contributes to indoor air quality.

  • Synthetics: Nylon, polyester, and polypropylene offer durability and stain resistance at a lower price point. Ideal for busy households and areas prone to spills.

  • Natural Fibres: Besides wool, options like sisal, jute, and seagrass offer distinct textures and eco-friendly benefits. However, they may not be as soft underfoot.

Colour and Pattern

  • Neutral Tones: They provide versatility and longevity, making future décor changes simpler. Earthy tones and soft pastels blend beautifully with natural landscapes.

  • Bold Patterns: Can define a room’s character but consider longevity and potential for style changes. Use in specific areas to create focal points without overwhelming your space.


  • Eco-Friendly Options: Look for carpets made from renewable resources, have low VOC emissions, and are recyclable. Sustainable practices are not only good for the environment but also for your home's air quality.

Practical Considerations

  • Maintenance: Consider the ease of cleaning and the need for professional maintenance. Some carpets require more care than others.

  • Underlay: A quality underlay can extend the life of your carpet, enhance comfort, and improve insulation. Don't overlook this hidden but crucial component.

Personalise Your Choice

  • Samples: Obtain samples to see how different carpets look in your home's lighting and alongside your furniture.

  • Consult Professionals: Use the expertise of home decor consultants. Their advice can be invaluable in balancing aesthetic preferences with practical requirements.

Longevity and Budget

  • Invest for the Long-Term: Quality carpets may come with a higher upfront cost but considering durability and timeless design can result in savings over time.

  • Budget Wisely: Allocate your budget according to room priority. Spend more on areas like the living room or master bedroom where comfort and style are paramount.


By integrating these tips into your decision-making process, you can choose a carpet that not only elevates the aesthetic of your home but also meets the practical demands of your lifestyle. Remember, the right carpet can transform your house into a home, making every space more inviting and comfortable.


Making the right choice for your home

The key trends for the 24-25 season are guided by a return to natural fibres, sustainability, and the desire to create warm, inviting homes that resonate with luxury and comfort. By considering these trends, kiwi homeowners can make informed choices that enhance the beauty and warmth of their living spaces, making every moment at home a cherished one.




This article was originally publish in 2020.

Three Things to Consider when Choosing Carpet

We're half way through the year already, but there's still plenty of chilly months ahead! So now's a great time to look at choosing a nice, cosy new carpet for your home. Here's three important things to consider before you do.

We are well and truly in the thick of winter now. And what could be more cosy than carpet on a frosty winter’s morning? Or more comfy when you’re playing with your kids on the living room floor?
Carpet trends come and go, but there’s always going to be the need to create softness and warmth at home. So it’s worth investing in carpet that you really love to ensure you get the most out of it. Here's three important things to remember when choosing carpet for your home:

1. Pick colours that will flow
Whether you’re renovating or considering carpet for your brand new home, it's always a good idea to ensure you create a sense of flow and consistency throughout. This will not only create harmony and balance, but will also help rooms flow into each other so they appear less boxy and more spacious, making your home appear larger overall.

2. Balance style with longevity
As with many major purchases, there's a need to balance the latest trends with longevity when it comes to buying carpet.  We're not saying don't buy that bold, colourful carpet you've fallen madly in love with but, if you have a sneaky feeling you might fall back out of love with it again long before you're ready to change it, maybe you need to consider a nice bright rug instead, and stick to a strong neutral for the rest of your flooring?  This is an area where our trained home decor consultants can be really helpful in working through your options - and saving you a lot of money in the long run.

3. Consider your climate
It goes without saying that your flooring choice will be different depending on where you live. Noone would want a thick, heavy carpet in a climate that’s hot and humid.  But here in chilly wintry Christchurch, one of the nicer parts of winter is being able to drop those bare toes onto warm carpet when you first get out of bed on frosty mornings.
However, if you prefer the look and maintenance of, say, timber floors, consider using a rug in winter months rather than carpeting the entire floor, so you can still enjoy the warmth and comfort of carpeting when the thermometer is at its lowest.

There is a lot to think about when buying carpet for your home, and mistakes can be costly!  That's why we always have trained staff on hand, so you can all in, have a chat, and get a good look at the latest products and ideas.  So come on in and see us, we'd love to help!

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