Designing Your Own Carpet is Child's Play - Literally!

Posted March 19, 2021

When we imagine bespoke design,we think unique, luxurious and usually very expensive. 

But a new service from Feltex called Fast Track® balances the best of complete custom design with the ability to accommodate small order quantities, which means that your own custom quality Axminster carpet is now easy - and surprisingly affordable.

"We're very excited about this new tool from Feltex, and can see this being very popular with some of our very discerning clients who have a keen eye for detail, pattern and colour" explains Floorpride Mandeville Street owner, Alastair Murcott.

The Fast Track® Sample Box includes a series of templates which are outlines of the various carpet designs available, along with a selection of colour pencils.  Clients simply select the design of their choice, then use the colouring pencils to create their own individual colour palette.

It really is just like colouring in!

There are an assortment of production ready patterns available, from on-trend contemporary designs to more traditional motifs.

Florals, paisleys, formal checks and plaids, linear designs, lattices and bold geometric shapes offer options for creating either a strong visual impact, gentle vintage sensibility, Art Deco styling or a subtly variegated interior. The choices really are limitless.

To find out more, phone the team at Floorpride Mandeville Street, or call in and check Fast Track® out for yourself.

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We wanted to let you know that we were very impressed with the carpet layers who worked at Barrington installing the new carpet tiles.

They were very professional, helpful and considerate while working which allowed us to continue to function as an office, which was greatly appreciated.

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