Garage & Boat Carpet    

Garage & Boat Carpet is safe (no more wet, slippery floors), tough and durable, a great alternative to your concrete floor. It is Rot-proof and Stain proof and easy to vacuum, providing a warm an comfortable environment together with a lifetime guarantee against zippering.

Uses for Garage & boat carpet:

  • Automotive carpet in residential & industrial garages.
  • Ramps & walkways.
  • School flooring.
  • Exhibition centres.
  • Offices & retail carpeting.
  • Storage areas & warehouses.
  • Boat carpet for marine use.
  • Gymnasiums, sports & recreation centres.
  • Outdoor sporting areas (UV treated only).


If you have a project that requires something more than the usual run of the mill, please contact us as we would love to discuss your requirements and offer you some awesome solutions.