Wool or synthetic carpet – which is better?

This is the most common question we are asked and, .in our opinion, the reality is that neither is best.  Both have different features and benefits.

Wool carpet is strong and luxurious, wears well and is warm and soft to the touch.  It is also anti-static and non toxic, with natural insulation and humidity control.

Nylon carpet is durable, resilient and stain resistant, so is ideal for heavy traffic areas.  Because it takes dye very well, it can be created in rich, vibrant colours.

Polyester Carpet is very practical as it is resistant to bleaching, fading, soiling and stains.  Because it has low absorbency it is also quick to dry.

Polyprop Carpet is very moisture resistant and chemical resistant, so highly unlikely to stain.  It is also very strong yet lightweight so easy to handle and install.

The right choice for your home comes down to a number of factors, so the best way to ensure you make the right choice is to call in and see us.  We will talk through your individual needs and work with you to find the product most ideally suited to you and your home.

Expert Advice –Always  the Cheapest Option
The old saying “The quality will be remembered long after the price has been forgotten” could have been written just for the purchase of floor coverings.
Time and time again, experience proves that taking the time to consult with experienced professionals pays dividends, and can save you from costly mistakes.
Because our sales staff are trained home décor professionals, they will be able to help you match the appropriate floor coverings to your décor, budget and lifestyle – and of course, at Floorpride, this service is absolutely free!


Carpet Care

Vacuum your new carpet to prevent soil becoming embedded in the pile. Place furniture cups under legs of heavy furniture and periodically shift furniture a few inches to give the pile a chance to recover. To accelerate recovery dampen the indented wool pile slightly.

Spot and Stain Removal - ACT QUICKLY

Blot Up Liquids - with a sponge or a clean absorbent cloth.
Scoop Up Solids - with a spoon or a knife.
Treat Stains - according to the recommendations given.

CAUTION - Before treating a stain on your carpet, pre-test the treatment on an inconspicuous part of the carpet to check for possible colour changes.

Type of StainOrder of Treatment
  1st 2nd 3rd
Beer 1    
Beetroot 1    
Bleech 1    
Blood 9 6  
Burn / Scorch 5    
Butter 2 1  
Candlewax 3    
Chewing Gum 7    
Chocolate 1 2  
Cocoa 2 9 1
Coffee 2 9 1
Cooking Oils 2 1  
Crayon 2 1  
Egg 2 1  
Cream 1    
Excrement 1    
Fruit Juice 9 1  
Furniture Polish 2 1  
Grass 4    
Gravy 9 1  
Grease 2 1  
Ice Cream 1    
Type of StainOrder of Treatment
  1st 2nd 3rd
Ink - Ballpoint 4 1  
Ink - Fountain Pen 9 1 6
Lipstick 2 1  
Metal Polish 2 1  
Mildew 1 5  
Milk 9 2 1
Mustard 1    
Nail Polish 8 2  
Oil 2 1  
Paint - Emulsion 2 9 1
Paint - Oil Base 3 2 1
Rust 2 1 11
Salad Dressing 2 1  
Shoe Polish 2 1  
Soft Drinks 9 1 5
Tar 3 2 1
Tea - Blk or White 2 9 1
Urine 1    
Vomit 1    
Wine - Red 9 9 6
Wine - White 1    
Treatment or Cleansing Agent
1 Solution of one teaspoon of approved detergent with one teaspoon of white vinegar and one litre of warm water. 6 Dye Stripper. Dilute 50 to 1 with cold water.
Caution: as for No. 5.
2 Dry-cleaning fluid, lighter fluid or mineral turpentine. Caution: ensure no flame is near, use in well ventilated area. 7  Chewing gum remover
(freezing agent.)
Caution: as for No. 5.
3 Mineral turpentine - effectiveness is increased if mixed with an equal quantity of dry-cleaning fluid. Caution: as for No. 2. 8 Cold water.
Caution: as for No. 5.
4 Methylated spirits.
Caution: as for No. 2.
9 Weak solution of white vinegar or lemon juice with cold water.
Caution: as for No. 5.
5 Hydrogen peroxide (20 vol.). Dilute 10 to 1 with cold water. Caution: Do not use on dark or patterned carpet.  
Never rub your carpet, just blot.
For stubborn stains, call in a professional.